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Design / Install / Property Management

San Clemente, CA

This home was to be a reflection of her travel and it's location.  The public areas were designed around an ocean and ship theme, utilizing a custom "shoal" chandelier from Britain.  The client requested that each bedroom and en suite bathroom have a different theme representing the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Arctic and Mediterranean Seas.  Each room is elevated with the client's own art collection.  The challenge was to create these spaces without being too thematic.  We believe we hit the mark.  Can you tell which room is which?

All of this during the height of the pandemic with mail order.


Custom elevator with glass bead wallpaper to evoke the feeling of being under water


Because of the client's extensive visitors, it was requested we outfit the closets as if it were a hotel so all the guests felt as if they were in a 5 star resort.  This included custom robes with the house's logo "Casa de las Mares".

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