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Creating memorable spaces for discerning clients is more than intuitive for Michele Saward (Owner). The daughter of a graphic artist and design / build electrical contractor, designing is undoubtedly in her genes, but visionary designs require a blend of art and science, a fusion of experience and expertise. Raised in Cincinnati, living in California, Michele has traveled throughout Europe and Asia and draws on the elegance of Swiss design, the color and exuberance of the Italian Style and the East-West fusion of the Oriental style to bring comfort, form and function, interpreted through fine materials, shapes, colors and finishes.

Says Michele, "My father inspired in me a fascination with building and a passion for lighting. My mother showed me the power in seeing ideas interpreted into designs. Both instilled in me the ability to keep a project rolling on time and on budget. I kept that with me through college and in my early career in industrial design." It is that experience that gives Michele a unique perspective when it comes to interior and landscape design. From designing automotive interiors to revolutionary innovations in bicycle helmet design and manufacturing, Michele has an eye for detail and a critical understanding of the importance of form and function that allows Michele to be equally adept in the commercial or home environment.

Having held positions as Director of Design, Graphics and Marketing for various firms, Michele also has a passion for understanding customer service. Sound business practices and unparalleled integrity are the hallmark of Michele Saward Designs. "Managing people is an important element. Experience managing projects and contractors is essential to making the whole experience enjoyable and stress free for our clients, "says Michele. Whether you want a complete design, a specific project, or simply someone to support and enhance your own ideas, you will get the same excellence in service and attention to detail. Michele puts it simply:

" We LISTEN. We will elevate and intensify your own style. We exceed your expectation."

Product Design

Bell Image Pro inducted into the MoMA

"Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design" - 1995

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