We are all a sum of our experiences.  It's important not to simply design a space, but look into the client's history to tailor the design to them.  In this case, Japanese travel was in their history and a love of the art and culture.  The famed architect Frank LLoyd Wright also travelled there and used the Japanese aesthetic in his work.  The details in this home reflect that history in it's color choices and use of space.  In the kitchen, we moved the doorway in the Dining Room and rearranged the appliances to maximize the counter space and created a custom island that draws it's influence from the apothecary chests of the Chinese herbalist.  The couple entertains so the small kitchen space needed the island to double in size for the occasional get together.

The collaboration was so successful, we were asked back to complete the Staircase, Master Suite and finally the Shade structure and Landscaping.  To see the Landscape click to the right.

Custom art glass
as backsplash

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